Brewing Enzymes and Auxiliaries

Brewing Enzymes and Auxiliaries

From mash conversion to final filtration, Zymus’ brewing enzymes and auxiliaries are designed to optimise every stage of the beer making process.

Whether you’re a large scale producer or a craft beer artisan, our BrewLab® facilities will help you to get the most from your raw ingredients, and we have options to suit your business needs and values. Our extensive experience and facilities mean that we can help you select the product which will best suit your needs.

Below are some examples of the brewing enzymes and auxiliaries we have available at Zymus:


MagiZyme® ZAC*

ß-Glucanase / Xylanase complex

  • Carbohydrate haze removal, improved mash filtration
  • Wort viscosity reduction
  • Increased extraction
  • Significant reduction of residual ß-Glucans.

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MagiZyme® XL*


  • Improves beer filtration
  • Eliminates potential haze problems caused by ß-glucans, pentosans and xylans
  • Improves lauter tun, mash filter run off times.

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ZymaseTM MA2

Glucoamylase used for:

  • Alcohol – distillate spirits
  • Brewing
  • Organic acid
  • Sugar
  • Glycation of antifiotic industrial material.

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MagiZyme® HT 425L

Thermostable bacterial α-amylase

  • Selectively and efficiently breaks down starch and starch fractions
  • Breaks (hydrolyses) interior α1-4-glycosidic bonds
  • Possesses exceptional thermal stability
  • Reduces the viscosity of gelatinous starch slurries.

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MagiZyme® FAA

Fungal α – amylase

  • Carbohydrate haze removal
  • Flavour modification
  • Accelerated fermentation
  • Malt standardisation.

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MagiFood® L*

Blend of yeast nutrients formulated to increase yeast activity during fermentation

  • Attenuation can be reached more rapidly
  • Fermentation cycle shortened
  • Can help reduce diacetyl content
  • Blend contains: Zinc, Phosphorous, Potassium and Manganese.

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MagiZyme® Brew Q*

Fungal α – amylase – used for increased starch breakdown

  • Facilitating a higher alcohol output
  • Managing attenuation fluctuations
  • Creating highly attenuated beers.

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KoppaFloc® Granules*

Carrageenan, wort fining agent. For clarifying beer and other alcoholic beverages.

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MagiSol HB*​
  • Improves clarity of beer
  • Efficiency
  • Increases capacity of separators and filters.

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Maturation / Filtration & Storage

Stabisol 300*

Silica Sol

  • Increases clarification
  • Removes proteinaceous material
  • Can be used at hot wort stage and at maturation.

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Stabiquick Select*

Hydrated Silica Gel

  • High stabilisation effect
  • Instantaneous reaction
  • No adverse effect on foam and flavour
  • Less dusting.

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MagiZyme® Papain 6000 L

Food Grade proteolytic enzyme preparation isolated from the latex of the Carica papaya fruit.

  • Hydrolyses a wide range of peptide bonds
  • No added sodium metabisulphite
  • Broad substrate enables the enzyme to easily and efficiently hydrolyse most soluble proteins.

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MagiFoam® PGA

Beer foam stabilising agent

  • Improves compactness of the beer head and the volume of the head
  • Protects the head from the collapsing effect of grease
  • Helps overcome fluctuations in wort composition due to seasonal variations in material.
  • Prepared from a food grade propylene glycol alginate and is both pH and microbiologically stabilised.

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