Gentle on flavour, tough on germs.

Developed by LANXESS, Velcorin® (also called dimethyl dicarbonate or DMDC) is regarded as one of the world’s leading microbial control agents. It safely suppresses a wide range of spoilage micro-organisms, without affecting flavour.

Micro-organisms are everywhere when bottling beverages – in the ambient air, production plants, caps and the drinks themselves. As the manufacturer, you can choose between a variety of different methods to stabilise your drinks, whereby cold sterilisation with Velcorin® has prevailed and successfully established itself as one of the top technologies.


The use of Velcorin® has been approved worldwide for use in:

  • Still or carbonated fruit-based beverages
  • Isotonic sports beverages
  • Iced teas
  • Wines
  • Ciders
  • Beer

Soft drinks and wines treated with Velcorin® are compatible with all currently known packaging formats, like glass, PET, cans, cartons, pouches or Bag-in-Box.

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